Contantine XI, the last Emperor

Constantine XI Palaiologos, the Immortal King that turned into stone.

Constantine XI Dragases Palaiologos,
last Emperor of the
Eastern Roman Empire.

I will write about the greatest legend of modern Hellenism which is the » legend of the King that turned into stone».It is the legend of theEmperor Constantine IA’ Palaiologos, last emperor of the Greek-Byzantine empire, that finished the long line of the Byzantine emperors.Constantine defended Constantinople in 1453 with 3.500 to 7.000 men against the barbaric Muslim Turkish hordes of 250.000 men, led by Sultan Mehmet II. 

After many days of war the leader of the horde Sultan Mehmet II’ send offers to Constantine in order to propose him to surrender him Constantinople in order to save his life and fortune.He offered him all Peloponnese peninsula as his kingdom, not to harm anybody of the Greek population of Constantinople, and they could all leave with their fortune and weapons. 

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